Center for Security Research Uncategorized Laying flowers on Karpalak

Laying flowers on Karpalak

Today, at Karpalak, a delegation of the Center for Security Research laid fresh flowers in honor of the heroes who fell for Macedonia in 2001.

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Interview for the Georgian Institute for Security PolicyInterview for the Georgian Institute for Security Policy

The Director of the Center for security research, Aleksandar Nacev PhD, gave interview for the prestigious Georgian Institute for Security Policy, concerning the Macedonian NATO membership, the geopolitical landscape and the regional dynamics.

You can read the whole interview on the following link:

Public debate on the draft law on interception of communicationsPublic debate on the draft law on interception of communications

Representatives from the CSR took part in the public debate organized by the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Defence in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. The debate was focused on the new laws regulating the lawful interception of communication.  The Director of the CSR, Aleksandar Nacev PhD, voiced his remarks considering certain aspects of the law, especially the use of metadata, and the protection of the privacy of the citizens.