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The West cannot ignore Ethiopia’s latest agonyThe West cannot ignore Ethiopia’s latest agony

Aleksandar Nacev

Violence in Ethiopia’s northern state of Tigray has escalated in recent weeks, with hundreds of soldiers and an untold number of civilians killed in a worsening dispute between regional forces and the national government. The long-simmering tensions between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government in Addis Ababa and leaders from the country’s northern Tigray region have spilled out into the open and hundreds of people have been reported dead. The escalation in hostilities has spurred a mass exodus from parts of the region, with tens of thousands of people fleeing over the border into Sudan.


CSR at the „NATO Academy 2020“CSR at the „NATO Academy 2020“

Today, Tamara Mitkovska as a representative from the Center for Security Research, participated in the „NATO Academy 2020“. Today’s lecture included Col. Zoran Jankovic, Chief of the NATO Liaison Office Skopje, who talked about topics such as the structure of NATO; politics, operations and decision-making within NATO; Macedonia’s membership in NATO. This Academy included 45 students and young professionals from the country and from abroad.

Online meeting with the “Begin-Sadat Center for strategic studies”Online meeting with the “Begin-Sadat Center for strategic studies”

As part of our strategy in building solid relations between the Center for Security Research in Skopje and leading international security research institutions, as well within the CSR framework for international cooperation, today we launched a new joint-program for cooperation between the Center for Security Research in Skopje and our international partner, the leading Israeli Institute in the field of Security research “Begin-Sadat Center for strategic studies” of Bir Ilan University. In the meeting, we outlined the future scope of work and defined the common areas of study between both organizations. The CSR aims to expand the understanding of international affairs, focusing on inter-relationship between security, conflict, and development, as well to assist governmental institutions in the Republic of Macedonia in understanding and dealing with modern security challenges through research and analysis.

Discussion on European security challenges and threatsDiscussion on European security challenges and threats

The Center for security research organized a Discussion on European challenges and threats, which focuses on the most relevant and most credible threats to security. The lecturers icluded the Director of the CSR Aleksandar Nacev PhD, talked about the assymetric methods and techniques on foreign electoral interference, and m-r Rabiè W. Sédrâk, the special advisor for counter terrorism at the CSR, who talked about the terrorist threats, strategies and tactics through an analysis of lessons learned in the Middle East.

The event included guests from the foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Macedonia, representatives from international organizations, academics and colleagues from other research institutions from the country and the region of the Middle East.

War in the Caucasus threatens Europe’s gas lifelineWar in the Caucasus threatens Europe’s gas lifeline

Aleksandar Nacev

International concern is growing over the rapidly escalating turmoil in the South Caucasus, as fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues and is threatening to draw regional powers directly into the conflict, destabilising an area that serves as an important energy corridor for global markets.

The clashes that erupted on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border are threatening to push the countries back to another prolonged war 26 years after the last ceasefire was reached. The last Nagorno-Karabakh War took place from February 1988 to May 1994, in the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave in southwestern Azerbaijan, between the majority ethnic Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh backed by Armenia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Guest appearance of Rabie W Sedrak on Alfa TVGuest appearance of Rabie W Sedrak on Alfa TV

Rabie W. Sedrak, the special advisor for counterterrorism in the Center for Security Research, had a guest appearance on Alfa TV with his analysis of the currents events in the Middle East and parts of the Mediterranean. The explosion in Beirut, the resigning of the Lebanese government, the agreement between Israel and the UAE, the conflict between Greece and Turkey for the natural gas resources and where is Macedonia in this geopolitical framework?

You can watch the whole interview here:

CSR at the Warsaw EuroAtlantic Summer Academy 2020CSR at the Warsaw EuroAtlantic Summer Academy 2020

From 3rd to 10th of July, our Head of the Department for law enforcement research Oliver Risteski MA, participed in the Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy – WEASA 2020, a program funded by the European Commission and supported by Fundacja Liderzy Przemian, College of Europe in Natolin, German Marshall Fund of the United States and Fulbright Poland. The program covered topics related to the:
– Digital Transatlantic rift
– Social Media moderation, Big Tech & algorithmic radicalisation
– Geolocation and open source investigations – OSINT
– Investigative journalism
– Disinformation
– Election security
– Digital security
– Social media
– Data journalism